Adult Day Program - The Rendezvous Club

A community-based program that provides recreational activities and caregiver relief in a group setting

Adult Day Program - The Rendezvous Club

The Rendezvous Club is a community-based program that provides recreational activity programs, socialization and caregiver relief in a group setting. The Rendezvous Club offers space for 13 adults each day. Four spaces are offered for adults on oxygen therapy. Oxygen is provided for adults while they are at the club. A typical day starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m., not including transportation time.

Key Contact

For more information contact us at:

204-478-6153 or fax 204-478-6154

About the Rendezvous Club

The Club is for adults living in the Riverview Health Centre area who would benefit from programs and services. It is located at Riverview Health Centre in the Princess Elizabeth Building, room 102.

The Club's Coordinator will make transportation arrangements for you when you are contacted to discuss joining the club.

Programs Offered

A variety of social, leisure and physical programs are scheduled, with a rest break included. Rendezvous Club members enjoy meeting new people and participating in a variety of recreation programs. Programs include exercises, active and table games, crafts and outings. Club activities are only limited by imagination and desire. The Coordinator is available on your first day to discuss the activities you enjoy doing. Other services, such as a hairdresser, are also available if you are interested.


One hot meal and a nutritious snack are provided each day.

Personal Care

The Rendezvous Club staff are available to assist you with personal care as needed (i.e. washroom breaks).

What to bring

You should bring the things you would normally need in your day, such as your medications, walking aids or toileting products. If you are on oxygen, bring your oxygen cart/holder. Oxygen will be provided during participation in Club activities. However, clients should plan to use their own oxygen during transportation to and from Riverview Health Centre.