Patient and Resident Services

The extra services are those which people living in their own homes take for granted, such as cable television, a bedside telephone service, a neighbourhood hair care salon or access to the Internet. Making services such as these available adds to the quality of life for individuals at Riverview Health Centre.

Other services include:

Cable Television

For Patients and Residents on EW Rehabilitation Units:
We offer a cablevision service to our patients on our rehabilitation units, providing access to a variety of news, movie, entertainment and documentary channels.  Cable television can be purchased for a one-time, non-refundable rate for the duration of the patients stay.

Payments can be made by cheque, debit or credit card to the Communication Clerk at the Information Desk in the main Centre building. Payment can also be made at our Finance Office in the Princess Elizabeth Building from Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays), from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  The Finance Office will also accept cash payments.

For information on obtaining cable television service, ask the clerical partner on the unit, or call the Information Desk at 204-452-3411.

For Residents on our AB and CD Units:
If you or your family member will be living at Riverview, you are responsible for making your own arrangements with your local service provider, i.e. Shaw, for cablevision service.  You will also need to provide your own television set.

Telephone Services

For Patients:
We offer our basic bedside ‘Dial 7 Service’ to patients on our rehabilitation and palliative care units.  For a one-time cost, service is available for the duration of your stay in our hospital.  The service allows you to make local outgoing calls by dialing ‘7’ then the area code and seven-digit telephone number.  You will be able to receive incoming calls (both local and long distance) directly to the seven-digit number associated with the set in your room.  You decide who to share your number with.

To arrange for the service, see the Communication Clerk at the Information Desk in the main Centre building.  They will initiate the service for you.  Upon receipt of payment, the phone can be enabled immediately. There is a clerk available from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day, including week-ends and holidays to set up the service and receive non-cash payments.   Payments can be made by cheque, debit or credit card at the Information Desk.  Cash payments can be made at our Finance Office in the Princess Elizabeth Building from Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays), from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
For Residents:
If you or your family member will be living at Riverview, arrangements can be made with your local service provider, i.e. MTS, for telephone service.  All of our resident rooms have a jack already in place to accommodate this.  You will need to provide your own telephone set.

This solution will provide you with a higher level of service, than is provided through our basic Dial 7 offering.  Residents can get long distance access on their phone and other specialized features.  In addition, their phone numbers can be listed in the MTS white pages.

Catering Services

Catering Services are available at Riverview Health Centre for every occasion, including birthdays, memorial services, anniversaries and family gatherings, as well as business functions. Beverages and various food combination plates can be supplied, including breakfasts, cold lunches, hot lunches and dinners.

For a complete listing of menus and prices, call 478-6264 or email at:

Please note that Catering Services provide the appropriate dishes and cutlery according to your order. Room booking arrangements can be made by calling 204-478-6893 or email at: Please call to book your event as far in advance as possible to ensure the space you request is available and that food supplies can be ordered.

Hair Care Services

Patients and residents can use the services of a licensed hair stylist located on-site at Riverview Health Centre. There is a nominal fee for these services, which can be billed to the person's trust account. The unit clerical partner will arrange appointments.

Newspaper, Mail and Computer Access

Patients and residents at Riverview Health Centre may order newspapers to be delivered to their unit. Newspaper boxes are also located at the Gift Shop.

Incoming mail is delivered directly to the unit. Riverview Health Centre's mailing address is:
Name/Room Number
Riverview Health Centre
One Morley Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 2P4

Stamps are available at the Gift Shop. Outgoing mail can be deposited in the Canada Post mailbox located at the main entrance. Mail can also be given to the unit clerical partner, who will ensure deposit.

Computer Access
Patients, residents, and their family members who would like to use the Internet can make use of the computers that are available in our main floor cafeteria area for this purpose.Interested individuals can ask the unit clerical partner for information about this service.

In-house Relaxation Network

Patients, residents and family members at Riverview Health Centre can tune into the Relaxation Network on channel 60. This is a soothing alternative to other television channels, where programming and commercials can, at times, be loud and intrusive.

The Relaxation Network is a free service that provides 24 hours per day of uninterrupted programming. The channel features spectacular nature photography, inspiring music and natural sounds. Viewers can sit back and let the sights and sounds take them to a calm and peaceful place. Programming is rotated on a regular basis.