September 12 2017

ACE Project

Updates on the RHC Alzheimer Centre of Excellence (ACE) Project


In 2014, Riverview Health Centre commissioned a world-wide study which researched current day best practices. In November of 2015, Riverview was given approval from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) to proceed with the renewal and development of the RHC Alzheimer Centre of Excellence. This highly-anticipated project will be fully funded by Riverview Health Centre Foundation as a triple D (donor driven development) project.

   The goal of the project is to create a state-of- the-art facility for Alzheimer Care. The project will see the renovation of the existing 60-bed Alzheimer building to meet present day Alzheimer design, best practices, and the development of a new building, Paul Albrechtsen Activity Pavilion, to provide therapeutic and recreational support for the residents.

The new facility will see the reorganization of each 15 bed unit, from a single large communal zone to three smaller family-sized groups. One grouping on each unit will have the ability to be compartmentalized, allowing the separation of individual residents.

The focus of the reinvention will be to allow for increased mobility for residents within a safe perimeter, increased access to outdoors on year-round basis, use of technology to provide cueing clues for daily living, and individualized activity stations throughout the new activity pavilion.

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Please contact Sheldon Mindell, Riverview Health Centre Foundation Executive Director.
Phone: 204-478-6197 or 204-955-5771